Pocket Pond 2 Known Issues (to be fixed in the next release):

  • If you’re an iOS user who recently updated to Pocket Pond 2 version 1.3.3 and you are experiencing crashes at startup, please do not uninstall the game. Update now to version 1.3.4. Anyone affected by this bug may request to have any of their ‘non-swimming’ koi revived for free.
  • Missing Dragonflies – some dragonflies in your inventory may disappear after some time if they’re not used. It will be fixed in the next update.
  • Difficulty visiting friends’ ponds or receiving koi. If you’re on iOS, try going to the settings app, then open up the Facebook entry. If you’re signed in there, sign out, then re-open Pocket Pond 2. If you’re on Android via Google Play, download version 1.3.5.